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About Us

Macrosad, committed with our citizens.

Founded in 1994, Macrosad is a cooperative focused on education and personal care which offers home help services.

  • Over 14.700 users.
  • 67 centers, ranging from nursing homes, day-care centers, nursery schools, and early childhood care centers.

They are leaders in the healthcare field, with 80,3% of its executives being women, and 20% of its benefits being earmarked for R&D. One of their identifying traits is their more than 15 years of experience in the intergenerational sphere, making them pioneers in the field. They are committed to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2021, they were awarded the record for carbon footprint, compensation, and CO2 absorption projects from the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge. This record acknowledged them for their great efforts in the fight against climate change, something which can clearly be seen in their green, zero-emissions centers.


University of Malaga

University of Málaga was founded in 1972 with the objective of becoming one of the highest ranked institutions of the country. In the 90s, they started to develop a strategy to become a role model for innovation and scientific development. The efforts made by all students, teachers and administration staff are what made the University of Málaga be acknowledged in 2010 as Campus of International Excellence under the brand Andalucía Tech.

In 2022, Cátedra I+D+I para la Prevención de la Dependencia was created. Its main goal was to promote the creation of innovation and research spaces, with a focus on dependency prevention and personal promotion. University of Málaga and MACROSAD have signed a collaboration agreement to boost the creation of these spaces. This project is assigned to the Social Studies and Work Faculty.

The Social Studies and Work Faculty is located in the Social Studies and Work Complex. This faculty is responsible for the degrees of Labor Relations and Human Resources, Social Work, Eastern Asian Studies (specialized in Korea), and the master’s degree of Labor Consulting and Personal Development. These courses are intended to give students a high-quality education both in and out of the classroom.

Social Studies and Labour Faculty

The educational process conducted in this faculty is based on four main ideas:

  • Services directed to our students and society.
  • Multidisciplinary academic offerings.
  • International perspective.
  • Scientific and practical training.

One of the faculty’s main goals is to provide guidance and help students with employability. This is possible through the help of collaborators, as well as through the Group of University Guidance.

The faculty’s academic offerings have such a multidisciplinary character because of the diversity of knowledge areas found in the University of Málaga. This is what makes it possible to offer perspectives from different disciplines.


Students have the opportunity to enroll in international mobility programs during their degrees, having access to high-quality education in English. Professors in charge will help students to choose an international education that is registered under the same faculty. This will guarantee that they complete their training properly.

There is an extensive network of collaborators who are in touch with the faculty, making it easy to adapt each degree’s needs. This collaboration allows students to have organized visits to enterprises as well as internships with different businesses.