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Notable changes to the Dependency Law

The past 2023 has left us with very important changes in the field of dependency. Royal Decree 675/2003 modifies 1051/2013, which regulates the benefits of the System for Autonomy and Care for Dependency established in Law 39/2006. This reform puts an end to the cuts that began more than a decade ago, increasing economic benefits for care in the family environment by up to 17.65%, benefiting some 750,000 people. It also approved a 4.5% increase in service-linked benefits and personal assistance. Although management is the responsibility of the autonomous communities, the updating of these amounts marks a significant change in dependency policies, which, although they will not increase at the same rate in all communities, imply an improvement in resources and services.

Therefore, the economic amounts linked to a service would be as follows:

On the other hand, the economic benefits for care in the family environment, although of an exceptional nature, would be as follows:

It should also be noted that some articles have been modified, such as article 4.2c), so that all SAAD benefits are now considered to be service benefits, with the exception of the benefit for care in the family environment, which is considered to be a financial benefit.

Finally, the benefit linked to personal assistance, which is a key pillar of this system, is updated as follows:

It should also be concluded by noting that the intensity of the home help service is intensifying thanks to its efficiency. Now, Grade I enjoys 37 hours per week, Grade II 64 and Grade III 94.

These changes reflect what we have been working on for years and which is gradually beginning to be consolidated: a greater interest on the part of the administration in providing more and better services and resources for the care and prevention of dependency.